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Keuten, M.G.A. (author)
As swimmers enter a swimming pool, they release micro-organisms, particles and soluble substances. While chlorine is often used to inactivate micro-organisms, a side-effect of chlorination is the formation of unwanted disinfection by-products. In order to reduce these by-products, more knowledge is needed on the release of pollutants by bathers...
doctoral thesis 2018
Murtaza, Ali (author)
Water injection is a core element of geothermal, petroleum and waste water management industries where water is injected into the subsurface after treatment and filtration to comply with environmental regulations and water quality requirements. Some impurities still remain in the water even after the filtration process. It has been widely...
master thesis 2017
Dereli, R.K. (author)
The success of anaerobic digestion relies on the presence of highly active methanogenic biomass, requiring effective retention of slow growing anaerobic microorganisms inside bioreactor by decoupling the hydraulic retention time (HRT) from solids residence time (SRT) or the employment of long SRTs in fully mixed systems. So far, flow through...
doctoral thesis 2015