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Rashidi, A. (author), Zamani, M. (author), Mondal, Tanmay (author), Hosseini, Seyedsina (author), Laursen, Kjeld (author), Corbet, Brian (author), Moradi, Farshad (author)
This letter presents an ultrasonically powered dual-wavelength optogenetic device that targets simultaneous excitation and inhibition of neural activities, or in a broader sense, optical stimulation in two distinct wavelengths for targeting different populations of neurons. This can be applied to a variety of neurological disorders. The...
journal article 2023
Rivandi, H. (author), Ghosh, Ishaan (author), Lopes Marta da Costa, T.M. (author)
New non-imaging ultrasound applications, such as ultrasound stimulation and ultrasonic power transfer, need sub-millimeter volumetric spatial resolution, electronically control of the focal spot location, high ultrasound intensity, and a tiny form factor. Satisfying these requirements demands a high-frequency phased array ultrasound transducer....
conference paper 2022