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Rivandi, H. (author), Ghosh, Ishaan (author), Lopes Marta da Costa, T.M. (author)
New non-imaging ultrasound applications, such as ultrasound stimulation and ultrasonic power transfer, need sub-millimeter volumetric spatial resolution, electronically control of the focal spot location, high ultrasound intensity, and a tiny form factor. Satisfying these requirements demands a high-frequency phased array ultrasound transducer....
conference paper 2022
Lopes Marta da Costa, T.M. (author), Shi, Chen (author), Tien, Kevin (author), Elloian, Jeffrey (author), A. Cardoso, Filipe (author), Shepard, Kenneth (author)
Emerging non-imaging ultrasound applications, such as ultrasonic wireless power delivery to implantable devices and ultrasound neuromodulation, require wearable form factors, millisecond-range pulse durations and focal spot diameters approaching 100 μm with electronic control of its three-dimensional location. None of these are compatible...
journal article 2021