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Durucan, S. (author), Korre, A. (author), Shi, J.Q. (author), Idiens, M. (author), Stanczyk, K. (author), Kapusta, K. (author), Rogut-Dabrowska, A. (author), Kempka, T. (author), Wolf, K.H.A.A. (author), Younger, P. (author), Zavsek, S. (author), Poulsen, N.E. (author), Bojda, D. (author), Franzsen, S. (author), Muresan, M. (author), Gao, J. (author), Beath, A. (author), Mastalerz, M. (author)
The TOPS project takes a radical and holistic approach to coupled UCG-CCS, and thus the site selection criteria for the coupled processes, considering both geological, reservoir and process engineering aspects and different end-uses of the produced synthetic gas in order to optimise the whole value chain. In particular, the experimental research...
journal article 2014
Eftekhari, A.A. (author)
This thesis evaluates the possibility of using underground coal gasification with a low CO2 footprint. The thesis consists of two parts. In the first part, by using the concept of exergy, a framework was constructed through which the practicality (feasibility) of an energy conversion/extraction method can be systematically evaluated. This...
doctoral thesis 2013