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Sauerwein, M. (author), Karana, E. (author), Rognoli, Valentina (author)
The use of materials derived from waste is one of the prominent ways to contribute to sustainable product design. However, there is a stark gap in literature concerning how people appraise such materials. In this paper, we present our initial attempts to understand the aesthetic appreciation of materials, in particular those derived from...
journal article 2017
Post, R.A.G. (author)
This thesis embarks from the idea that aesthetic appreciation of product designs is determined by simultaneously perceiving the two partially opposing dimensions of unity and variety. People actively avoid boredom by searching for variety because it challenges the senses and offers the potential of learning new information. Hence, people browse...
doctoral thesis 2016
Berghman, M.J. (author), Cila, N. (author), Hekkert, P.P.M. (author)
In design research perceptual features of a design such as unity- in-variety as well as conceptual properties (whether the design is a good instantiation of designer’s intentions) have been found to affect the aesthetic experience independently. In the course of a research design using systematic manipulations of USB stick designs in three...
conference paper 2014