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Matthieu, Mees (author)
On-demand ridesharing might be an effective solution to reduce traffic congestion and, as a result, reduce emissions to mitigate environmental issues. However, travel times are more uncertain in ridesharing services compared to non-shared transit services due to their shared nature. For example, at one moment, the users are informed that the...
master thesis 2022
Fielbaum, Andres (author), Alonso-Mora, J. (author)
On-demand systems in which several users can ride simultaneously the same vehicle have great potential to improve mobility while reducing congestion. Nevertheless, they have a significant drawback: the actual realization of a trip depends on the other users with whom it is shared, as they might impose extra detours that increase the waiting...
journal article 2020
Van Amelsfort, D.H. (author)
Road pricing is a policy measure under consideration by many goverments and road authorities. Although objectives may be different any road pricing measure will impact the behaviour of travellers and the flow of traffic. In this research we specifically looked at the effects of road pricing measures where the prices are differentiated by time...
doctoral thesis 2009