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Che, X. (author)
During the industrialization process early in 20th century in most of Chinese cities, heavy industries with contamination were initially located in city periphery when they were founded. But nowadays, these industrial areas gradually became part of urban area due to the rapid and large-scale urbanization and city expansion. Since late in the...
master thesis 2013
Selezneva, E. (author)
The present research takes on qualitative issues such as urban vitality and quality of urban life from an angle of spatial centrality. The discussion is going around the two main concepts – the concept of urban vitality and the notion of spatial centrality and the footprint it leaves on the functional and structural organizations of cities.
master thesis 2011
Kusumo, C. (author)
Railway stations have become hubs of networks due to their high accessibility by different modes of transport at different scale levels and have emerged as potential new central places in metropolitan cities in Europe. Planners and designers put a lot of effort into transforming these railway station areas into urban centres. Nevertheless in the...
doctoral thesis 2007