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Mlynar, Jakub (author), Bahrami, Farzaneh (author), Ourednik, André (author), Mutzner, Nico (author), Verma, H. (author), Alavi, Hamed (author)
The current mechanisms that drive the development of AI technologies are widely criticized for being tech-oriented and market-led instead of stemming from societal challenges. In Human-Centered AI discourses, and more broadly in Human-Computer Interaction research, initiatives have been proposed to engage experts from various domains of...
conference paper 2022
Cunningham, S. (author), Verbraeck, A. (author)
There is an increasing practice of combining various sorts of data from the city to obtain a comprehensive operating picture for urban managers. The sorts of data being combined includes administrative data, sensor and transactional data, and social media data. In order for these practices to fulfil their full promises it is important that...
conference paper 2019
Özağaç, Deniz (author)
One of the main challenges of the recently popular data science field is establishing a common ground of understanding between technical methods and domain knowledge. Making smart and effective use of data is just as important for public organizations as it is for private organizations as our cities and their problems get more complex with...
master thesis 2018