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Li, D. (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author)
Data-driven control without using mathematical models is a promising research direction for urban traffic control due to the massive amounts of traffic data generated every day. This article proposes a novel distributed model-free adaptive predictive control (D-MFAPC) approach for multiregion urban traffic networks. More specifically, the...
journal article 2022
van de Weg, Goof Sterk (author), Vu, Hai L. (author), Hegyi, A. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
In this paper, we develop a hierarchical approach to optimize the signal timings in an urban traffic network taking into account the different dynamics in all traffic regimes. The proposed hierarchical control framework consists of two layers. The first layer--the network coordination layer--uses a model predictive control strategy based on a...
journal article 2018
Lin, S. (author)
Model Predictive Control is applied to control and coordinate large-scale urban traffic networks. However, due to the large scale or the nonlinear, non-convex nature of the on-line optimization problems solved, the MPC controllers become real-time infeasible in practice, even though the problem is solvable in theory. In this thesis, we mainly...
doctoral thesis 2011