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Burgelman, N.D.M. (author), Li, Z. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author)
When a train runs through a turnout or a sharp curve, high lateral forces occur between the wheels and rails. These lateral forces increase when the couplers between the wagons are loaded in compression, i.e., a rear locomotive pushing a train or a front locomotive braking a train. This study quantifies these effects for a train that begins...
journal article 2016
Valente Pais, A.R. (author)
A perception coherence zone (PCZ) designates the range of inertial motion levels that, although not being a one-to-one match with the visual motion levels, are still considered by the subjects as being part of a coherent movement. Two types of PCZs were studied: amplitude PCZs and phase PCZs. Amplitude and phase coherences zones were measured...
doctoral thesis 2013
Advani, S.K. (author)
doctoral thesis 1998