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Zheng, Xing (author), Dai, T. (author), Tang, Mingfang (author)
Past studies have demonstrated the remarkable energy-saving effect of vertical greenery systems. The vast majority of these works focus on opaque building walls. While external shadings on windows are more effective than these on walls. Inspired by the climbing plants (vines) raised outside windows by residents, the present study proposed the...
journal article 2020
Ottele, M. (author), Perini, Katia (author)
Greening the building envelope is not a new concept, however it has not been fully approved as an energy saving method for the built environment. Vertical green can provide a cooling potential on the building surface, as plants are functioning as a solar filter and prevent the adsorption of heat radiation of building materials extensively. In...
journal article 2017
Ottelé, M. (author)
Planting on roofs and façades is one of the most innovative and fastest developing fields of green technologies with respect to the built environment and horticulture. This thesis is focused on vertical greening of structures and to the multi-scale benefits of vegetation. Vertical green can improve the environment in urban areas and is becoming...
doctoral thesis 2011