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Wei, Ziyi (author), Huang, Kai (author), Chen, Ying (author), Wang, D. (author), Yu, Yajuan (author), Xu, Ming (author), Kapelan, Z. (author)
To alleviate the geographical mismatch between supply and demand of water resources, virtual water trade had attracted extensive attention. Many studies had estimated the virtual water flow and measured the virtual water inequality using Environmental Input-Output (EIO) model. However, EIO model ignores the feedback effect in the trade, which...
journal article 2023
Gopalakrishnan, Malavika (author)
The phenomenon of ‘globalisation of water’ (A. Y. Hoekstra & Hung, 2005) talks about the importance of recognizing the adverse effects on local freshwater resources from a global perspective. The trade of water through the export and import of products results in ‘virtual water flows’ (Arjen Y. Hoekstra & Mekonnen, 2012), which leads to...
master thesis 2020
Qasemipour, Ehsan (author), Tarahomi, Farhad (author), Pahlow, Markus (author), Sadati, Seyed Saeed Malek (author), Abbasi, A. (author)
The growth of Iran's agricultural sector in the past few decades has exerted enormous pressure on its aquifers. There is a strong disparity between economic development and natural resource endowments, which threatens water and food security. In this paper, we used a multiregional input-output (MRIO) framework to assess the virtual water...
journal article 2020