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Van Broekhoven, P.J.M. (author)
In JUMELET [2010] a method with a physical basis (so called “Volume Exchange model”) to determine the ‘notional’ permeability coefficient P was developed. The ‘notional’ permeability coefficient was previously introduced in the stability formula of the armour layer; see VAN DER MEER [1988]. In this latter study this coefficient was empirically...
master thesis 2011
Vilaplana Domingo, A.M. (author)
This study extends the theoretical approach developed by JUMELET [2010] to acquire a physical description of the notional permeability coefficient applied in the VAN DER MEER stability formulae [1988]. Van der Meer introduced this coefficient to ensure that the permeability of the structure is taken into account, however due to the empirical...
student report 2010
Jumelet, H.D. (author)
This study describes a theoretical approach of a physical description of the notional permeability factor in the stability formulae of Van der Meer [1988]. Caused by the empirical character of these stability formulae a physical description is not available for the notional permeability factor. In practice this leads to ambiguities in...
master thesis 2010