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CHEN, ENPU (author)
In inspection and display scenarios, reconstructing and rendering the entire surface of a building is a critical step in presenting the overall condition of the building. In building reconstruction, most works are based on point clouds because of their enhanced availability. In recent years, neural radiance fields (NeRF) have become a common...
master thesis 2022
Alashrafov, Rustam (author)
Touchless interaction has recently gained considerable attention by researchers as well as industry. Different domains are interested in implementing this technology in their solutions. Medical visualization has a special interest in this technology due to the sterile conditions in operating rooms. Exploration and detailed inspection of the...
master thesis 2017
Busking, S. (author), Vilanova, A. (author), Van Wijk, J.J. (author)
Non-photorealistic techniques are usually applied to produce stylistic renderings. In visualization, these techniques are often able to simplify data, producing clearer images than traditional visualization methods. We investigate the use of particle systems for visualizing volume datasets using non-photorealistic techniques. In our VolumeFlies...
journal article 2007