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Grift, E.J. (author), Tummers, M.J. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
This paper presents the results of the time resolved flow field measurements around a realistic rowing oar blade that moves along a realistic path through water. To the authors' knowledge no prior account of this complex flow field has been given. Simultaneously with the flow field measurements, the hydrodynamic forces acting on the blade...
journal article 2021
Broekema, Y.B. (author), Labeur, R.J. (author), Uijttewaal, W.S.J. (author)
Flow separation and its control have been the subject of intensive research for decades. Flow separation occurs when the boundary layer loses contact with the associated confining wall, which is usually caused by a pressure gradient acting against the local flow direction. Numerous strategies exist to control flow separation, and in this...
journal article 2019
van Hout, R.L.H. (author), Eisma, H.E. (author), Elsinga, G.E. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
In many applications, finite-sized particles are immersed in a turbulent boundary layer (TBL) and it is of interest to study wall effects on the instantaneous shedding of turbulence structures and associated mean velocity and Reynolds stress distributions. Here, 3D flow field dynamics in the wake of a prototypical, small sphere (D+=50, 692&lt...
journal article 2018