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Bakker, Lenny (author)
Sometimes seaport capacity is a bottleneck during disaster relief operations. This research investigates a flexible, floating and modular seaport. This seaport is stored all around the world and when necessary it ships seaport handling capacity from those storage facilities to the disaster area in order to help with the disaster relief effort....
master thesis 2022
Onstein, A.T.C. (author), Ektesaby, Mehrnaz (author), Rezaei, J. (author), Tavasszy, Lorant (author), van Damme, Dick A. (author)
The design of a spatial distribution structure is of strategic importance for companies, to meet required customer service levels and to keep logistics costs as low as possible. Spatial distribution structure decisions concern distribution channel layout–i.e. the spatial layout of the transport and storage system–as well as distribution...
journal article 2019
Onstein, A.T.C. (author), Tavasszy, Lorant (author), van Damme, Dick (author)
Distribution structures, as studied in this paper, involve the spatial layout of the freight transport and storage system used to move goods between production and consumption locations. Decisions on this layout are important to companies as they allow them to balance customer service levels and logistics costs. Until now there has been very...
journal article 2018