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Wani, F.M. (author), Shipurkar, U. (author), Dong, J. (author), Polinder, H. (author)
This paper compares active and passive cooling systems in tidal turbine power electronic converters. The comparison is based on the lifetime of the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) power modules, calculated from the accumulated fatigue due to thermal cycling. The lifetime analysis accounts for the influence of site conditions, namely...
journal article 2021
Yan, T. (author)
As a innovation therapy for prostate cancer, HIFU device can heat and destroy tissue rapidly and precisely. In this project, we try to find a suitable way to integrate water cooling in a micro fabricated HIFU device, to remove unwanted heat and ensure proper functionality of the medical device. The water cooling is implemented by etching a...
master thesis 2011
Buursink, J. (author)
To achieve a significant cost reduction for launch of payloads to space, it is essential that the launcher is reused to the largest possible extent, and that the maintenance and operations cost of this launcher are minimised. To achieve this, work is ongoing on metallic thermal protection systems (TPS) that hold the promise of much reduced...
doctoral thesis 2005