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Mol, A.C.S. (author)
Measurements have been carried out at the Paulinaschor, a salt marsh in the Westerschelde, to obtain information of the effect of vegetation on wave attenuation. The data have been analyzed. It appears that wave height is strongly reduced by the vegetation, especially for low water depths. Further analysis of the data has been done, to achieve...
report 2003
Herbers, T.H.C. (author), Booij, N. (author), Holthuijsen, L.H. (author)
Development of a two-dimensional model to hindcast spectral wave parameters in an estuary with tidal flats on the basis of bottomtopography, current and wind data. Diffraction-like propagation has been implemented and tested. Tests indicate that this type of propagation used for most applications. Wave growth and decay has been...
report 1984