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Van Vledder, G.P. (author), Ruessink, G. (author), Rijnsdorp, D.P. (author)
Characteristics of the individual wave height distribution in shallow water have been investigated using measured wave data and results of numerical simulations using the non-hydrostatic SWASH model. It is shown that the SWASH model is capable of reproducing the temporal and spatial variation of surface elevation in a wave flume and the...
conference paper 2013
Zwanenburg, S.A.A. (author)
The dimensions of single layer concrete armour units (interlocking armour units) are calculated with a similar stability relation as the stability relation for quarry stone. In these design formulas an 'average/significant' wave load is used (Hs). Since quarry stone gains its stability only from gravity, this type of armour unit is constructed...
master thesis 2012
Djunaidi, R.P.A. (author)
This thesis has focussed on the validation of extreme wave and crest height distribution. The empirical distribution was simulated based on laboratory and field measurement water elevation data. Both sets of data indicated the presence of abnormal wave ensuring the extreme condition aimed at in this study. The literature review was performed to...
master thesis 2009