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Laan, Stendert (author)
Schiermonnikoog is a Dutch barrier island with wide beaches and dunes which are both of importance for recreation as for safety. However, after decades of coastal accretion, in the last years, a strong coastline retreat is observed at the island head in the northwest. In tidal inlets, various forcing conditions of tides, waves, winds and...
master thesis 2019
Oosterlo, P. (author), van der Meer, J.W. (author), Hofland, B. (author), van Vledder, G.P. (author)
abstract 2018
Bakermans, B.A. (author)
Traditionally, ports are located in areas protected by natural shelter. Shelter is needed for the safe mooring of vessels and for the efficient handling of containers and other cargo. Disadvantage of the areas which provide natural shelter is their limiting depth. Due to the increasingly bigger vessels, dredging in ports became inevitable....
master thesis 2014