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Wei, X. (author), Kumar, M. (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author)
To investigate the dominant sediment transport and trapping mechanisms, a semi-analytical three-dimensional model is developed resolving the dynamic effects of salt intrusion on sediment in well-mixed estuaries in morphodynamic equilibrium. As a study case, a schematized estuary with a converging width and a channel-shoal structure...
journal article 2018
Wei, X. (author)
Estuaries are important ecosystems accommodating a large variety of living species. Estuaries are also important to people by their demand of freshwater for drinking, irrigation, and industry. Due to natural changes and human activities, the estuarine water quality, influenced by both salinity and turbidity (the cloudiness or haziness of water),...
doctoral thesis 2017
Yu, Q. (author), Wang, Y. (author), Gao, J. (author), Gao, S. (author), Flemming, B. (author)
Traditionally, vertical circulation (induced by gravity circulation and tidal straining), tidal pumping, and resuspension are suggested as the major processes for the formation and maintenance of the estuarine turbidity maximum (ETM). Due to strong mixing, tidal pumping is considered as the dominating process in macrotidal estuaries. To analyze...
journal article 2014