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van der Hoek, D.C. (author), Van den Abbeele, B.H.L. (author), Ferreira, Carlos (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author)
Wind farm control can play a key role in reducing the negative impact of wakes on wind turbine power production. The helix approach is a recent innovation in the field of wind farm control, which employs individual blade pitch control to induce a helical velocity profile in a wind turbine wake. This forced meandering of the wake has turned...
journal article 2024
van der Hoek, D.C. (author)
Offshore wind farms suffer substantial energy losses due to the interference of wind turbine wakes, with estimates indicating losses of approximately 10%. This thesis aims to advance the state of the art of wind farm flow control techniques for maximizing wind farm power performance. Wind farm flow control can be divided into three categories:...
doctoral thesis 2023