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Zhang, Peishan (author)
Young graduates are facing housing difficulties in the Chinese metropolis. The Chinese government published new policies to encourage regeneration of the land stock resources as affordable rental housing targeting young people. This study aims to explore how urban regeneration can benefit young graduates’ livability. Specifically, it...
master thesis 2022
Song, Jiangzhou (author)
This research project, based on the hot issues of escaping from mega cities in China, focuses on young graduates and intends to improve their livability and make Shenzhen a more migrant-friendly city to them. Livability, including<br/>affordability and good accessibility to services and jobs, is the main topic and final goal of this thesis. To...
master thesis 2018
Xu, Y. (author), Peng, Y. (author), Qian, K. (author), Chan, A.P.C. (author)
Public-private partnerships (PPP) can be employed to provide public rental housing for young graduates, which has been urgent to achieve social sustainability in China. However, few studies have been conducted to investigate the financing structure of PPPs, particularly the ratio of private investment, which is important in initiating a PPP...
journal article 2015