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Kooij, R.E. (author), Klos, V.B. (author), Godana, B.E. (author), Nicolai, F.P. (author), Ahmed, O.K. (author)
Nowadays various digital television services are available. However, the user of these services experiences longer delays than the traditional analog TV while switching from channel to channel. The digital TV operator usually displays a black screen with the channel number during zapping. However, it could be interesting for the TV viewer, if...
journal article 2009
Kooij, R. (author), Nicolai, F. (author), Ahmed, K. (author), Brunnström, K. (author)
In an earlier paper we showed, that perceived quality of channel zapping is related to the perceived quality of download time of web browsing, as suggested by ITU-T Rec.G.1030. We showed this by performing subjective tests resulting in an excellent fit with a 0.99 correlation. This was what we call a lean forward experiment and gave the rule of...
conference paper 2009
Kooij, R.E. (author), Ahmed, O.K. (author), Brunnström, K. (author)
conference paper 2006