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Bloemers, W.E. (author)
The thesis is concerned with the development of the building kit (the building experience) for a bamboo balance bike. It starts with research on the company and target group. The research is based on several sources: literature, observations, interviews, generative research (workbook) and a questionnaire. The company of the KaboogaBike is a...
master thesis 2016
Minter, C. (author)
Many urban and architectural designs bring about a different experience in its visitors than the designer originally intended. Typical architectural qualities such as ‘dynamism’, ‘harmony‘, ‘lightness’ are often guiding themes in the de- sign, but hardly ever experienced in reality when the design has been built. Especially the notorious grand...
master thesis 2013
Breeuwer, J. (author)
In the near future, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol possibly wants to open a terminal that will take care of the airport handling process in a sustainable, innovative and user-friendly way. Moreover, the passengers and employees should be made aware, in a pleasant way, of the sustainable nature of the airport handling process of this terminal. The...
master thesis 2012