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Groen, J.S. (author)
In this project a detailed experimental analysis was performed of the dynamic flow field in bubbly flows, with the purpose of determining local hydrodynamics and scale effects. Measurements were done in gas-liquid systems (air-water bubble columns) and in gas-solid systems (air-sand bubbing fluidized beds) of different size. Amongst others with...
doctoral thesis 2004
Louter, C. (author), Leung, Calvin (author), Kolstein, M.H. (author), Vambersky, J.N.J.A. (author)
This paper investigates the possibilities of pultruded glass fibre rods as embedded reinforcement in SentryGlas (SG) laminated glass beams. To do so, a series of pullout tests, to investigate the bond strength of the rods to the laminate, and a series of beam tests, to investigate the post-breakage response of the beams, have been performed....
conference paper 2010
Smits, J.E.P. (author), Gkaidatzis, R. (author)
The present paper investigates Bio-based fibre-reinforced plastics, used as a load-bearing element of a bridge. We aim to increase the renewable content and decreasing the embodied energy of FRP. To achieve that, the consisting raw materials of these plastics which are based on non-renewable resources, are substituted by alternative less energy...
conference paper 2015