Luanika waterway

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During the dry season shipping between Mongu and Kalabo is impossible, therefore this project was started to improve the situation by dredging. Dredging was started at Mongu harbour, where a new dredger was delivered, assembled and launched. Due to the urgency of the project dredging had to be started before a profound survey concerning the topography and hydrography of the total area was made. This is one of the reasons why it was not possible to make a detailed time and production planning. This report is based on a field survey, carried out from May 29th until June 29th, 1978. The survey can be divided into two parts, first the topographical survey, reSUlting in a 1:20,000 map of the Luanika-Waterway, and second the hydrographic and morphological survey. The purpose of the surveys was to give an advice for the planning of the dredging works in the Luanika-Waterway.