A Journey to PSS design

A new innovation tool for the strategic development of PSSs for npk design

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Within the manufacturing industry, increasing attention is paid to the term ‘servitization’. There is a shift from mass consumption towards individual behaviors and highly personalized needs. Focusing exclusively on the design of physical products, like a lot of firms currently still do, results in the separate design of a product and ‘adding’ a service, which causes insufficient fulfillment of the customer requirements, since their needs were not incorporated during market research. Sticking to traditional product design will diminish a firm’s cash flow and therefore firms are seeking for ways to include service design in their business. Also npk design has noticed a shift in design practice from product design towards service design. Therefore, npk design wants to expand their working field to this field. However, they currently do not have a complete overview of the differences and similarities between the product design and service design process, since they lack experience in service design and do not have a design method to follow, like they do have for the product design process. In order to pursue service design a tool has been designed to help npk design tackle their main issue concerning PSS design: the involvement of stakeholders. This tool provides support with the facilitation of the involvement and keeping a better overview of the stakeholders involved during the PSS design project. In ten steps this tool will help you to determine together with your project team which stakeholder you should involve during the PSS design project and what roles the stakeholders will have to take on. By means of 5 prescheduled check-up meetings the stakeholders involved will be scrutinized and if necessary the strategy for the PSS design project concerning the involvement of stakeholders can be adapted. Furthermore, this tool helps to improve the understanding of the PSS design approach among the parties involved. By making the designers, client and other members of the project team more aware of the holistic nature of service design and the facilitating role that is required, the tool will help slowly internalizing the PSS design approach in order for it to become part of project member’s way of thinking.