Hydraulic performance of elastomeric bonded permeable revetments and subsoil response to wave loads

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Elastomeric bonded permeable revetments, also called PBA (Polyurethane bonded aggregate) revetments, are highly porous structures made of mineral aggregates (e.g. crushed stones) which are durably and elastically bonded by polyurethane (PU). Despite their numerous advantages as compared to conventional revetments and the large experience available from more than 25 pilot projects, physically-based design formulae to predict their hydraulic performance, wave loading and response are still lacking. Therefore, the present study aims at improving the understanding of the processes involved in the interaction between wave, revetment and foundation, based on large-scale model tests performed in the Coastal Research Centre (FZK), Hannover/Germany, and to provide prediction formulae/diagrams. This paper is focused on the prediction of the hydraulic performance (wave reflection, wave run-up and run-down) and the response of the sand core (pore pressure) beneath the revetment for a wide range of wave conditions, including the analysis of an observed failure due to transient soil liquefaction.