Tailoring the Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloys via Plasticity Induced Transformations

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Titanium alloys possess good corrosion properties, high temperature stability and high strength-to-weight ratio. However, they fall short in providing the optimum strength-ductility relation in the most demanding structural applications, including the aerospace sector. Inspired by the possibility of enhancing the strength-ductility relation in steels through the TRIP effect, the thesis elucidates at identifying and quantifying the key factors that effectively control and/or promote such effect (termed here as Plasticity induced Transformation in Titanium alloys (PiTTi)), and exploring the plausible property improvements it may lead in metastable beta titanium alloys. Controlling the key factors that effectively promote such effect through experimentation, and a novel theoretical alloy design methodology lead to new grades of titanium alloys with potential for improved properties.