Metropolitan Park Development

A Sustainable Development Strategy for the In-Between Cities Area in Hsinchu Metropolis

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This thesis is a specific design and research project of the in-between cities area in Hsinchu metropolitan area, Taiwan. The aim is looking for a sustainable development strategy for the metropolitan area where is under highly urbanization and conurbation process. The main approach is using the analysis of governmental plans, regional contexts and theories study to generate an alternative plan which is aiming to complement the weakness of the existing governance structure to offer a better vision for tomorrow. In the planning context of Taiwan today, landscape is not well performing as an active role and design element within the whole planning process and there is lacking of regional vision to the cities integration. For instance, the constitutive elements of landscape such as agriculture lands, risky area, and topography features were just urbanized and transformed rapidly into urban development land by the municipals extension plans without careful considering the potential and values of them. In order to find out a better framework and vision for the Hsinchu Metropolitan Area, I tried to reinforce the status of landscape as a non-deserted organ of metropolis which plays as a platform to integration the multiple design approach from regional to city to neighborhood scale. I named this project as Metropolitan Park. Its a vision for the Hsinchu Metropolis and it is aiming to fulfill the housing and recreational demands, to improve the ecological system and to preserve the precious society value behind the agriculture and natural landscape toward sustainable development. It has great potential for city development today when urban planners can reconsider the role of landscape and give it a balance weight to the urban development. Therefore, the wilder sustainable perspective might be opened toward a better harmonious tomorrow and this is what this project wants to performance.