Redatuming of sparse 3D seismic data

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The purpose of a seismic survey is to produce an image of the subsurface providing an overview of the earth's discontinuities. The aim of seismic processing is to recreate this image. The seismic method is especially well suited for the exploration and the monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoirs. A majority of the algorithms, which are applied for seismic processing, are optimized for regularly sampled data referenced to a flat surface and for a simple velocity distribution in the subsurface. However, in reality, data are collected at irregularly sampled, rugged surfaces and/or with complex structures in the subsurface. As a pre-processing step, the seismic data can be redatumed to a new reference surface prior to further processing, which satisfies the requirements mentioned above. Redatuming virtually places sources and receivers at another level without moving them.