Reliable Data Communication System

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This report will present an implementation of a reliable data communications system, designed to transmit data from several `sensor' nodes to one `central' node and to display this data on a central display. Furthermore an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) was designed an implemented to keep the system running for approximately 9 hours. The design was implemented with high-level embedded systems, such as the Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry Pi an custom application protocol was developed to guarantee the transmission. For this transmission XBee Pro S2C modules were used. The transferred data is written to a SQL database. The UPS and the XBee modules were tested individually on functionality. The UPS works as it should. The output voltage is stable when the battery voltage differs. The ZigBee network is able to transmit reliable, encrypted data over distances up to 550 meter. Furthermore, when this range not suffices, other ZigBee modules can be added to the network to relay messages.