The transformation of a highvoltage laboratory at the KEMA terrain in Arnhem into a museum for magical realistic art.

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Between the Veluwe and the river the Rijn in the west of Arnhem is the KEMA terrein located in a park designed in beautiful english landscape architecture. The laboratories of KEMA (Keuringsdienst Elektrische Materialen Arnhem), designed in the thirties and realised in the Haagse School Stijl, are vacant these days. Our assignment was to choose a building and by doing research and analysing the context, find a suitable function for the building. I decided to make a museum for magical realistic art, a collection with about 1000 oil paint paintings, made by dutch painters in the thirties. My starting points for designing a museum specific for this collection where nature, use of dept, light and colour. My design for the museum was on the one hand the transformation of the giantic big hall of the highvoltage laboratory and on the other hand the expansion of 2000 m2, partly realised under the ground.