Drawing fixed moments in time

Repetitively drawing to understand and reveal consequences of growth, change, decay and idealization within the design

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This visual essay discusses drawing time in relation to the author’s graduation project, which is based on the paradigm of a multispecies world. Three design principles are derived from this paradigm: movement, hybrid and landscape as being. These relate to different notions of time and thus on drawing time. Movement means drawing the now. Hybrid is a material structure that shows non-human presence. This materiality implies that decay has to be drawn. The landscape as being is the ongoing landscape without end. In order to draw the three principles leading to the design intervention, fixed moments in time are chosen. In this visual essay 0 years, 20 years, and 30 years are shown. Time is drawn through a repetition of plans, sections and animation stills and through drawing specific human and non-human presence. In this way repetition, growth, decay and changing actors are shown. Drawing decay opened up new design possibilities. By comparing the repetitive animation stills, drawing time became a critical tool that showed idealization within the design. This visual essay shows both the repetition of drawings, as well as the discoveries it leads to.