A multi-actor analysis approach in decision making

A framework to complement ISA-95 guidelines within manufacturing companies

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Decision making in manufacturing activities is an everyday business. Manufacturing activities involve the interaction of different actors (i.e. departments) to provide information or activities that will serve as an input for decision making. The situation of dependency, network and cooperation in these activities calls in to question the suitability of today´s decision making processes, which more than enough do not actively and effectively include the several involved actors. A framework of a decision making process based on a multi-actor analysis approach was created and tested in manufacturing companies. This framework process proved with quicker and more effective decisions and suggests to have the potential to have great added value and more benefits to the companies using it. The thesis suggests that indeed, including the involved and affected actors at all stages of decision making, increases the chances to have succesful decisions and improves the support and better implementation of those decisions. The framework can be improved in several areas, most notably, by more empirical tests and research in different manufacturing companies among different regions.