Wireless Indoor Climate Sensor

Implementing the Control Unit at Ultra Low Power

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With the completion of the MIST1431 multi sensor IC a demonstrator developed by the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory of Delft University of Technology and NXP, a demonstrator that shows the capabilities of the MIST chip was needed. This thesis describes the implementation of the control unit, which has to control the MIST chip and wireless communication module residing in the demonstrator. Temperature and relative humidity had to be transmitted wirelessly at low power consumption. A method of analysis and assessment of the different methods and hardware was developed. Then a suitable controller was chosen: the LPC1114. After choosing the controller, a study about the functionalities of the controller was done. Software was designed and written. Finally measurements were taken proving the functionalities of the demonstrator. Testing showed that the demonstrator is capable of sending its measurements once per second to a computer while using a mean of 50.807?A. The result is that the demonstrator meets its requirements.