Landschapskunsten En Locatietheater

Temporary Structures for Art, Theater, and Living at the Oerol Festival (NL)

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Landschapskunsten En Locatietheater is a group of three temporary structures designed for the Oerol Festival on the Dutch island Terschelling. The three structures are: 1. De Theatertent (Public Performance Space) 2. Het Klimbos (Interactive Land Art Installation) 3. De Kampeertent (Private Camping Area) All structures are designed for use by Oerol Festival performers, artists, and attendees. The three structures all classify as form-active systems. This means their shape is defined by their figure of equilibrium under applied loads. Such structures conserve material by exploiting their own native bending and tensile properties. Research was conducted to test computational parametric tools in aiding the design process. Spring-based particle system Kangaroo for Grasshopper and MPanel software were used to simulate and approximate real physical behavior for the three designs.