Towards improving predictions of non-Newtonian settling slurries with Delft3D: theoretical development and validation in 1DV

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To date there is limited knowledge about the flow behaviour of non-Newtonian slurry and tailings flows. In hydraulic engineering and the mining industry numerous questions and uncertainties still exist. Different numerical and analytical models have been developed attempting to meet this demand. For the larger part they describe the rheological properties of the flow and are commonly developed for the mining industry. Delft3D is a widely used and proven numerical modelling suite to predict flow behaviour of different water bodies including physical processes e.g. the transport of sediments and stratifications. This thesis contributes to embedding the rheological characterizations for mud-sand-water mixtures and settling of granular material in Delft3D. This thesis includes: - An analysis of three different formulas that describe the rheological properties of mud-sand flows. - A theoretical description of a settling model that accounts for shear induced hindered settling of granular material in a Non-Newtonian flow. - The implementation of the three rheological models and the segregation model into Delft3D, completed by model verification on theoretical relations, and simple validation. The present model is able to simulate non-Newtonian laminar flows and the segregation of granular material in the carrier fluid in 1DV.