Improvement to structure details in ship sections for robotic welding

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The master thesis is a parallel development of a Maritime Manufacturing Robotics project. The aim of the thesis is to find out how to make it easier and convenient for robotic welding in ship section production by improving ship structures. The objective is to design a work process and evaluation method to be followed to do structure optimization work for robotic welding. Robotic welding system for shipbuilding industry is analysed from three aspects: ship structure, welding robot and welding technology. Focused on structure improvements for robotic welding, a structure optimization process and evaluation methods to evaluate the results are designed. Ship sections which contain a superstructure section, a double bottom section and a bow section are chosen to make three scenarios. The structure optimization process and evaluation methods are applied in these scenarios. Conclusions for ship section structure improvements based on robotic welding and recommendations for future work are given at last.