Flow Separation Control over a Wing-Flap Model

Analysis of flap leading edge applications

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Nowadays, the development of multi-element airfoils show a progression towards a “circular arc” to attain a maximum lift force. The improvement of the high lift performance of specifically a wing-flap combination is an ongoing research at Delft University of Technology. Generally, a higher lift force can be created by deflecting the flap to higher angles. The higher this angle, the larger the curvature the flow has to follow. Consequently the flap becomes dominated by separated flow and a big part of the lift force will be lost. To overcome this lift loss due to flow separation additional flow control techniques become essential. Hence, within the scope of lift improvement, the effect of flap leading edge applications is investigated for a wing-flap model at critical flight conditions i.e. high flap deflection angle of 45◦ and Re = 1.7 · 106 (42m/s).