11th International FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model & 3D Land Administration (LADM2023)

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The Workshop addresses developments in the the following areas: • 3D Land Administration System operational experiences (analysis, LADM based, learn from each other, discover gaps) • 3D LAS cost effective workflow for new / updated 3D parcels = 4D (part of whole spatial development lifecycle: from planning / design / permit in 3D, to registration / use in 3D) • 3D LAS web-based dissemination (usability, man-machine interfaces, including mobile/AR) • Remote sensing (including LiDAR) and artificial intelligence (AI) for efficient 3D cadastral boundary extraction • Legal aspects for 3D LAS, best legal practises in various legislation systems • Focus on large cities, including developing countries • 3D in the revision of ISO 19152, the Land Administration Domain Model • Proposals for (and evaluations of) LA (remote) sensing information models