Finding happiness at hand

Intertwining the RTL XL service in the lives of its future users

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This graduation assignment aims to design the framework of the new RTL XL service. Creating a unique video on demand service that answers the changing user needs in a strategically sound way. The new service will help RTL find the right positioning of their VOD propositions. The designed future RTL XL service consist of 7 features. Focussed on enabling social bonding. Thereby intertwining RTL XL through future user personal and social lives. The seven levels of improvement serve two goals. The first three allow users to make the service personal. Providing the user with control and room for self-expression. The other four levels serve to engage users in a social way. Enabling communal video experiences through all social situations an RTL XL user encounters. Collaboratively transforming RTL XL in a personal an social VOD service. The features of this future service will enable new forms of interaction and enriched ways of watching VOD. All serving one goal, a future VOD service that provides happiness at hand.