A low noise, low power dynamic amplifier with common mode detect and a low power, low noise comparator for pipelined SAR-ADC

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This thesis presents a high gain, low noise and low power dynamic residue amplifier and a low power, low noise dynamic comparator designed in TSMC 28nm process for a two step Pipelined SAR-ADC. The cascoded integrator dynamic residue amplifier (CIDRA) achieves a gain of 30dB with THD of 47dB (11 mV pp input). The input referred noise across tem- perature and process corner is 55 µV and it operates at a frequency of 500MHz while the energy consumption is 390 fJ. The low power and low noise pseudo-latch preamp dynamic comparator (PLPDC) shows a delay of 250pSec for a differential input of 16 pV and consumes 91 fJ (current is 91 µA for 100 MHz clock) of energy. The input referred offset is 4 mV (?).