Plan of approach SBW wind modelling

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This report presents the joint KNMI and Deltares Plan of Approach for the wind modelling activities for the coming years, with the goal to determine time and spatially varying extreme wind fields. These are required as input for the 2017 safety assessment of the primary water defences. The objectives of the project have been defined as follows: 1 Assessment of how well high-resolution atmospheric models can represent storm wind fields, and how can high-resolution models be used to represent the space-time structure of extreme storms. 2 Production of a long-term (of the order of 30 years) storm dataset that can be used for deriving the extreme wind statistics needed for the determination of HBC. 3 Extreme value analysis of the surface wind / stress fields, including a proper time and space dependence. The study will be divided into three work packages, each corresponding with one of the three above mentioned project objectives. Given that for time and space varying extreme wind fields above the Dutch water systems to be used in the 2017 assessment they need to be determined and accepted before the end of 2015, that is also the final deadline of the project.