Redesigning a Customer Service System for multiple services

A Case Study at NS Klantenservice

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We redesigned the customer service system of NS Klantenservice, by analysing the organisational elements, processes and IT systems of the customer service department. The Axiomatic Design method is used to decoupled three dimensions that cause the current complexity in the operation. The dimensions of the contact channels, the core services supported by NS Klantenservice and the service processes are uncoupled and integrated in a single design. This design is used define modular activities which are the basis of the organisational structure. By training operational employees in the modules, the organisation can reach the goals of flexibility, high productivity and increase customer satisfaction. This thesis applies the Axiomatic Design method on a customer service system. Application in the area of service organisations is novel for this method. We find presumptions that the Axiomatic Design method can be applied in other service system designs, which contributes to better designed services.