Position controller for a flapping-wing drone using ultra wide band

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The continuous improvement and miniaturisation of elements in drones have been essential for making flapping-wing drones a reality. This thesis presents an integral approach for accurate indoor position control and estimation on flapping-wing drones. The approach considers three main aspects to enhance transient response of the drone. The first one is an experimental velocity/attitude flapping-wing model for drag compensation, obtained through system identification techniques. The second one is a voltage-dependent variable thrust model for enhancing height control. Thirdly, a characterisation of ground effects to determine the height for stable hovering. For the state estimation, an extended Kalman filter fuses UWB position measurements with IMU data. Due to the well-known multi-path effects of UWB, the Kalman filter includes an adaptive noise parameter based on height. The novel control strategy was validated with real flight tests, where position control improved by a factor of 1.5, reaching a mean absolute error of 10cm in positions in x and y, and 4.9cm for position in z.