Preferential concentration of particles in compressible turbulence

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The behavior of particles in compressible turbulence has been seldom investigated to date despite its importance in many natural and industrial flows. Direct numerical simulations of particle-laden compressible isotropic turbulence are performed to study the preferential concentration of particles and the underling mechanisms. It turns out that heavy particles tend to concentrate in regions of low enstrophy and high fluid density (i.e, strain regions between vortex rings), especially the particles of Kolmogorov scale, which show the largest number density. Due to the compressibility, fluid particles do not distribute uniformly as in incompressible case, but show a tendency to bunch up in high density zones. The preliminary result might give some insights into compressible turbulent transport, dispersion and mixing as well as the subgrid-scale modeling for large-eddy simulation of particle-laden compressible flows.


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