Dynamic Intelligent Algorithm for Navigation (DIANa)

A Route Finding System using Historical Traffic Data

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Traffic congestion has been one of the major problems in our everyday life. It has caused billions and billions of dollars including loss of productivity in our everyday life. Many institutions, governmental organizations, and academics have tried to come up with many initiatives and solutions to minimize congestion. Our research on dynamic routing is meant to help minimizing this problem from individual perspective since we believe that traffic congestion is also directly related and can be influenced by individual’s decision making behavior. We focused on finding a solution that can be integrated to an existing system by using a routing algorithm that can forecast traffic congestion and finding the fastest route to get to the end point. The forecast will be based on the historical traffic information. Deriving on the notion that most traffic congestions happen almost at the same time during the day and the same hours daily, we have combined the historical real traffic data to be used in an algorithm to help an effective Dynamic Intelligent Algorithm for Navigation (DIANa) to avoid congestion or other road blockage.