Centrifuge modeling of rapid load tests with open-ended piles

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Rapid and static load tests were conducted on open-ended and close-ended piles in the Deltares GeoCentriflige. hi flight, a pile was driven into the soil. Both fme-grained sand and silt beds were tested. Both the rapid and static soil resistances o f a close-ended pile were higher than the soil resistance o f an open-end pile in both sand and silt. For the rapid load test, the higher the penefration rate, the higher the maximum soil resistance. The rado o f maximum soil resistance between a rapid load test and static load test does not depend on pile type but on soil type: less than 1.0 for sand and higher than 1.0 for silt. The results show that centrifiige modeling can be applied for open-ended piles but then silt must be used as the soil material.